The Todd Madigan Art Gallery’s mission is to bring quality art to the CSUB campus and community. Over the last 30 years, exhibitions of exceptional historical and contemporary artists have included the Weismann collection and works by such artists as Henri Matisse, James Turrell, Ed Ruscha, Nancy Rubins, Chris Burden, Gustavo Godoy, Mary Weatherford, Martine Syms, Miljohn Ruperto, Tala Madani, Bill Jenkins, Galeria Perdida and Patricia Fernandez. The gallery also organizes the Student Thesis shows and invites a visiting artist each year to work with our students to create an exhibition.

The University’s Todd Madigan Art Gallery acts as a beacon in the community, bringing established artists, curators and critics to campus to share and exchange ideas. The Art and Gallery Program complements the University’s larger mission by offering the CSUB student and the community an opportunity to engage in advanced, creative discourse.